What Remains . . .

From a guest columnist, one of Sweet T's dearest and oldest (by that I mean long lasting) friends

MDH: In these cold days after the death of my dear old friend, I
have been thinking about her legacy. In the words of an old
Tina Turner song..."for every life that fades, something beautiful remains."
Every mother/ grandmother's dream is that those
she has loved and nurtured learn from her, and absorb those things she values
most deeply. That they be her "something beautiful" that will remain.
Mary Terese taught her family what was important to her by telling, 
by showing, and finally, at the last, simply by being. In that being, 
diminished as it was, she taught the most. 
She gave her family the chance to practice returning all
the love she had poured into them. They did not let her down.
It also occurs to me that the unsought, but most lovely legacy of her
long, hard journey - is her grandchildren. They are, indeed, the something
beautiful that remains. In particular, the Parkway BOYS
who often faced situations that were challenging, sometimes annoying, 
even embarrassing. Their faithful care, kindness,
good humor, flexibility and patience built them into unique young
adults of compassion and character.
So, in the end, Terese's dream did come true. Her family lived the faith
and loving care that she valued most deeply, especially -
those Grands: her legacy: the Something Beautiful That Remains.