Plugging Holes in the Dike

J:  GRB continues to amaze us with his variety of symptoms.  He has gone from CHF and labored breathing to pneumonia to suspected blood clots to bed sores and most recently, to vomiting.  If I didn't know E better I would accuse her of munchhausens by proxy.

Yesterday he officially entered home hospice hopefully to bring him some relief from the endless symptoms from which is is suffering.  It's pretty unreal to see the hospital bed back in their suite again just six weeks after they took it away.  I sort of feel like a prize fighter in the 11th round - we just keep getting knocked around by all of this. 

Sweet T was only in hospice for 8 days before she earned a ticket out of here.  I suspect GRB will be around longer than that.  But hopefully he will be peaceful, something that he isn't right now.

Prayers for GRB . . .