An Ode to the Eldest

J:  I just dropped K at the airport.  She spent almost a week here, arriving last week when it looked like GRB was heading to meet Sweet T.  She hung out all week at my house or E's house and was able to get a real feel for life on the Parkway.  GRB seems to have turned the corner.  His meds are helping and his breathing isn't sounding quite as awful.  He seems almost peaceful.  I'm going to credit this to K.  

K is a peaceful person.  She is a lot of fun and can light up a room with hilarious stories if she wants to.  But she can also fill a room with peace with just her presence.  I know that she has worked very hard on learning to just be.  Coming from the Type A family that birthed her, this hasn't been easy.  But she has succeeded.  And everyone who comes into contact with her feels this peacefulness.  It's no wonder that she still has her friends from grade school who she met with while she was here.  It's no wonder that she has a bevy of friends in Dallas.  People sense her peace and want to be around her.  I think GRB picked up on this peace this week.  

Thank you, K-Bone (as my boys call her) for your gift of time and your peaceful presence.  The Parkway is a better place because of you!