Hand Signals from Heaven?

J: GRB has been sleeping a lot lately.  Like 14 hours a day.  The GRB of old would have been aghast by this type of lassitude.  Back in the day when we would attempt to catch a few extra Z's he would march in, pull up the shades, and announce that "this was no flop house - get up".  But no more.  He sleeps a lot. 

The crazy thing is, though, that almost as soon as he falls asleep he starts moving his hands.  Often he mutters things too, but the hands are always moving - reaching for things, smoothing things down, waving - all sorts of hand motions.  So this has lead us to believe that he and Sweet T have developed a new form of communication - a  heaven to earth type thing.  Our guess, now that Sweet T is enjoying heaven in a fully restored state (read: a little bit of Iced T has returned) is that she is getting on GRB about the bad habits she is witnessing from above. 

I can almost hear her saying "GRB - get up out of that chair and get moving.  Put down that beer.  Clean up that room. Tell those kids to quiet down".  I assume he listens for awhile (while he reaches for her hand), tries to let her know that all is well (as he does the smoothing down motion) and finally gets tired of listening to her (the waving motion).  Sweet dreams? Not if Sweet/Iced T has the last word!