Therapy Baby

E- Last night we were lucky enough to have our caregiver and her 7 month old from 6p-10p. It is such a joy to see G's face light up when he lays eyes on Jr. He believes Jr is his son and last night he really went the distance to care for him. He began by gently squeezing his cheeks and commenting on his double chin then he carefully held Jr while seated at the dinner table. All the while he hummed a nameless tune in an undetectable note. Once dinner was served he eagerly attempted to feed Jr large pieces of chicken and papaya which were a bit much for his 2 teeth. (Keep in mind G was NEVER one who liked his dinner hour to be interrupted, EVER!!) We quickly mashed some bananas for Jr and G was ignoring his own belly and feeding Therapy Baby. No one was more excited about Jr's intake more that G. He commented on every single bite although none of his words made much sense, he did it with a huge smile on his face! 

After dinner we took Jr for a walk together and G continued to hum and periodically tried to check on Therapy Baby while he continue to push the jogger which was less than successful but he tried many times to catch a glimpse of him while in motion. We arrived home after an exceptionally long, slow walk (still unable to identify the tune G had been humming) and my son was shooting hoops in the driveway. G let go of the jogger and stepped right up on the court and shot a few and made one. Still humming, he turned around and walked inside. So much for being in charge of Jr!! 

A perfect ending to our Wed. Thanks Mindy and Jr!

And today I will need to let him know we have to head to Detroit for his best man's funeral.

RIP Tom.