Life Support vs Love Support

E- Here we are again....another one of our Dad's high school buddies is battling to remain on earth. He is in Detroit on life support after suffering a massive heart attack on Sun. I received the call this am from one of my Dad's pals in Maryland who wanted me to decide if my Dad should hear this dreaded news about one of his high school besties and groomsmen (possibly best man?) from 56 years ago. 

The discussion of life support was recently brought up by J's son regarding Sweet T. He asked J what will we do when T stops eating and when will we take her to the hospital for 'life support' (aka feeding tube). J told him that we won't be doing that...once Sweet T is no longer eating we will continue to keep her comfortable and establish hospice support for end of life symptom management. 

In my medical and 'daughterly' mind, this means Love Support. We will shift all energies and efforts to extra large doses of love for Sweet  T, her main man G and one another. We will continue to maintain a dignified environment for her passing and God willing the end will not feel as drawn out as the past 8 years have been for Sweet T and our family. She deserves some peaceful rest with her parents and 9 siblings who are waiting for her up there. 

So- to J's son.... Life Support vs Love Support. Both have their place depending on many circumstances. I truly believe Love Support is the compassionate plan of care for your Grandma. I admire your desire to respect life on all levels and I hope you can eventually understand that we are respecting her life. AMDG. (and XO) Aunt E-Bone