Celebrate Now

J: We attended a beautiful anniversary party last night for our neighbors who were celebrating 40 years of marriage.  Their boys threw them a surprise party and it was a ton of fun.  I had talked to my neighbor about her anniversary several weeks ago.  She was asking me what they should do to celebrate.  I told her that my mom used to say that you should celebrate 40 years because 50 years of marriage is often hard to reach.  

It was good advice for our parents.  They threw a huge 40 year anniversary party for themselves.  The grandkids were all young and they party was a little wild because of that, but it was a wonderful celebration and my parents were in their prime.  By the time 50 rolled around our mom was having trouble keeping track of things.  The guest list was a mess and people who should have been included were left out.  It was the first real sign of what was to come.  Now as we approach their 56th anniversary we look back and see the denouement of their lives  we realize that the Sweet T and GRB that we see today will be a little more diminished tomorrow.  The steady decline in both of them is sinister and sad.

Celebrate today.  Tomorrow is promised to no one.