Prayers of Intercession

J: Today is a perfect summer day in the CLE.  So I loaded Sweet T into her wheel chair and wheeled her to church. It has been months since she's been there because getting her in and out of the car is just about impossible.  But it was an easy roll today.  She seemed happy to be there and all of the 11:00 regulars were glad to see her.

The Gospel reading was about the woman petitioning Jesus to rid her daughter of the evil spirit that possessed her.  Her continued petitioning and belief that Jesus would help convinced Jesus of the strength of her faith and the woman's daughter was healed.  Fr. Tim spoke briefly then about the power of prayers of intercession.  Praying for people who need our prayers.  So it got me thinking about what my prayers are for the Daisies.  Do I lack the faith to pray for a cure for this awful disease?  Am I too convinced of the inevitability of their decline to pray to have them restored to health? Should I pray for the researchers and the doctors who are looking for a cure?  Should I pray for my parents to find peace in the situation they are in now? So many questions, so few answers.

When it came time for communion, Fr Tim offered Sweet T the host, and in full, clear voice she said "amen".  I haven't heard her speak that loudly or clearly in a long time.  "Amen" is what she said. " I believe" is what she said.  Despite her terrible confusion, she believes.  I hope she is praying for me.