Life Goes On


K:  I have not written in a while, but I have watched and listened during my short visits to Cleveland every few months to visit to see my parents and witness their decline.  It’s difficult and always heart wrenching to leave not knowing if this will be the last hug, or “I love you” spoken.

But what I am thinking about today is when this is all finally over and they are in their eternal resting place and at peace, what happens to our family?  Who is the leader?  Who assumes the maternal/paternal roles, or do we all just go our separate ways?  To say our family situation with both our parents having ALZ hasn’t taken a toll on siblings would not be true.  It has.  Living away has proven a challenge in many ways, and not always good.  It’s a huge job taking care of our parents and not shared fairly. But we all acknowledged this going in , however, time is moving slowly and frustration grows quickly at times.

So we are now dealing with a sibling who lives north of Houston and has thankfully avoided the catastrophic flooding of her home, but neither she or her husband has been able to get to work for a while and that creates a financial hardship.  Who does she turn to for help?

My mother in law passed away this year leaving behind her 63 year old, mentally challenged son who has lived with her all his life. Who takes care of him now? Where does he go?

I think the answer is WE take care of our own. Brothers and sisters come together out of respect and love for the parents who raised us and we look after each other whether we “like” them or not. They are blood. We are family.  Unlike the political environment we are living in today, we MUST strive to work together, make decisions and have compassion for those that need it most.

Whatsoever you do to the least of my brother,  that you do unto me.