Let's Find a Cure

J: My frustration level is rising with this damn disease.  I took GRB to a funeral this week of a man who died suddenly.  This man was in his 60s and a well loved teacher and father of six.  His job on this earth appeared to be far from over.  And there sat GRB.  "God - what are you thinking?  GRB is ready to meet his maker. " Is what I wanted to scream

 Last night at the Sunday night dinner I patiently fed Sweet T, having to coax her mouth open like  a recalcitrant child.  And agin I thought "Lord - take her home.  Her life's quality has evaporated".  

Yet they remain.  

So, what can a do with all of my frustration?  I guess I just need to redouble my efforts to help find a cure.  My commitment to donating a portion of each of my real estate sales seems paltry in the face of the daunting challenge of finding a cure.  But it's something.  What else can I do?  I can encourage EVERYONE to donate.  Much like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, I have yet to encounter anyone who hasn't be affected in some way by Alzheimer's Disease.  It's everywhere and getting worse every day.  WE NEED TO FIND A CURE.  You do not want to watch your loved ones waste away.  It's awful.  I'm fed up with it.  Go to www.alz.org/donate  Donate today.  Let's find a cure NOW.  Harrummph