The Human to replace GPS

E- Who'd imagine that we are 'resorting' to human coverage vs the forever updated world of GPS tracking devices. Well, it's happening. After 4 failed attempts with GPS systems (all claiming they were created with dementia patients in mind) we are hiring a second set of hands for 18 hours each week to 'track' our Dad.

Lately his wandering walks outdoors have caused much concern for our caregivers. Our Mom's inability to walk independently leaves the caregiver to seat her comfortably inside and begin driving the neighborhood looking for G when he does not appear to be in my house. Last week he escaped 3 times in the same afternoon and once he was found for the third time he refused to get in the car, but he agreed to 'follow' the car. So our caregiver drove slowly up a steep hill and G slowly followed, huffing and puffing as his congestive heart failure forces him to do. 

We are too smart to let this go on. And yet no one is smart enough to patent a GPS that truly works for dementia patients. So we will continue to rely on the kindness and consistency of humans. So as you see new faces leading G around town, know that they are our 'patented' GPS who will not fail us!

And yes...I am working on the ultimate GPS system in my spare time. It will happen.