Birth Control 101

J:  The local high school here offers parenting classes, likely in an effort to give the students a little feel of the enormous responsibility of having children and perhaps convince them that they aren't quite ready to be parents.  The students have to drag a 10 lb bag of flour around with them for a couple of weeks and make sure that it stays in tact.

I think I have a better idea of how to dissuade kids from becoming parents too soon:  give them overnight Daisy Duty.  My son has pulled a few of overnight shifts recently due to caregiver vacations etc.  He, like most 20 year old men, is a championship sleeper.  He can sleep like nobody's business.  So interrupting his sleep is not advised.  Each time he has returned from the overnight shift he is a mess.  His hair is on end and his eyes are bloodshot "GRB just doesn't sleep" he says.  "There's no reason for him to be up - he's just up" he continues.  "He makes no sense - it's so frustrating."   While I feel for my sleep deprived son, I can't help snickering as I think back 20 short years ago and remember thinking the same about him.

Recently I had a baby shower for my niece who was expecting her first child.  One of the gifts was a book entitled Go the F*** to Sleep.  It is a hysterically funny book about what parents would like to say to their children when they won't sleep at night.  Ironically it was my son who did a dramatic reading of the book for all of the shower guests.  We were falling off our our chairs laughing.  

I bet he would have liked a copy of that book last night.  At least he doesn't have to worry about how to pay for college. . .