Four Wheeling

E- Sweet T has become quite immobile. While in the compound or on the patio she may walk a bit, but if it's a timed event, the wheeled walker with the seat becomes very helpful. She routinely 'ouches' when it is clear that she is being moved cautiously and comfortably and she forgets the 'thanks' toward her driver but offers a shake of the head with a look of disappointment. Today our Dad was pushing Ice T (nick name when she's dishing attitude) and he decided to off road with her and the wheel chair. These oldies but goodies (both the chair and the gal) are not built for off roading but G enjoys zig zagging between homes in our hood. We will probably never understand why he feels the need to do this but Ice T generally turns to her outside voice for a "Jesus, Mary and Joseph" prayer when she's jumping tree roots and dodging bushes in the wheel chair. 

These events mix in some adventure for T and at least she's on the road again. She may have on slippers to save her fragile toes and her conductor may take the road that's less traveled by man, but who cares!! We have put away the stop watches and each walk completed without an Amber Alert is a successful activity that we hash mark in the Parkway Pride column!!