Hard Wired Habits

J:  Tonite as I was putting GRB to bed, I had to convince him to relinquish the 1/8 of a hamburger that he insisted on bringing home with him from my house.  He was holding it so tightly that he had practically crushed it, but he was determined to keep it in his hot little hand.  He never lets go of a burger, no matter how small  He also never forgets to excuse himself after he sneezes ( a sneeze, by the way, that can be heard around the world.)  Additionally, he insists on holding the door for me, and for all ladies.  These habits of his are hardwired.

Similarly, Sweet T routinely reads the paper when she arrives at the table for breakfast.  Granted, more often than not the paper is upside down (perhaps a new skill?)  but she always has it in front of her as she surveys her breakfast.  She has done this for as long as I can remember.  She is also routinely sweet, smiling at everyone who comes to greet her.  Again, a hard wired habit.

So this got me to thinking.  What are my hard wired habits?  When the kids were little and the chaos of four boys overtook our house I would routinely say "that kind of behavior is for outside or downstairs".  Is that what I'll say should I wind up in my parents' shoes?  I'd be lucky if it was so benign.  More likely unleashing the string of expletives that followed when they didn't go outside or downstairs would be my hard wired habit.  I guess i have a choice.  Learn some new habits or work really hard to avoid dementia.

In the meantime, outside or downstairs with that kind of behavior. . .