Reach Out and Touch Somebody's Hand. . .

J:  . . .and make the world a better place if you can.  The lyrics to that song come back to me each time I'm with my parents.  I am not a scientist, but I would bet that touch is the most rudimentary of our senses. It is likely the first to form and the last to leave us.  It has been well documented that babies who spend the first weeks or months of their lives in isolettes don't thrive because they lack their parents' touch.  

In the same way, I feel that our parents benefit from our touch.  Often these days Sweet T doesn't utter a word.  But when I rub her shoulders she always lets out a soft sigh as her whole body relaxes.  And rubbing her hand elicits her sweet smile.  Even GRB, who can often be grizzly these days, softens when I grab his hand to hold as we walk around the block.  

And the sweetest touch of all is when GRB and Sweet T are seated next to each other.  More often than not, GRB will rest his hand on Sweet T's leg or vice versa.  And it seems to make both of them happy. 

So go ahead, reach out and touch somebody's hand, and make the world a better place!