Alzheimer's Prime Day

J:  My family is abuzz today because it's Amazon Prime Day.  We've been on line trying to land the coveted deals of the day while they last.  Everyone loves a deal.  No one can get enough! But tomorrow it will be over and Amazon will go back to being just Amazon.  If you don't shop today, you'll be sorry.

I feel like Alzheimer's should have such a day.  Visit that AD patient today or be sorry.  In fact, I think all terminal diseases should have such a day.  Visit today, reach out today, send a card today.  Tomorrow it might be all over.  I've talked to so many people who ask how our parents are. The truth is, they are slipping, and rather quickly.  After I report this the questioner will usually say, somewhat shamefacedly, that they really need to drop by to say hi.  You do.  Do it today. They might not be here tomorrow. And if they are, they'll be a little less themselves than they are today.

Hurry!  Time is running out. . .