Food, Glorious Food

J:  Food is a huge part of life.  Social occasions usually revolve around food.  And shopping, preparing and talking about food takes up a lot of our lives.  Growing up, our parents had so much to say about food.  Usually it was about the cost of food. Ridiculous! Exorbitant!  Don't waste a morsel!  This grocery run needs to last a week!   These were commonly heard exclamations and proclamations.  

And then the comments about those who ate too much.  "She's casting a big shadow". "People probably hide behind him for shade".  They had no sympathy for the overweight; even when they were their own children  They redefined the word "abstemious"  They ate healthy foods in modest amounts.  They read "Eat To Live", "The Wheat Belly Diet" and countless other self help/diet books, always striving to improve their health and their longevity.

Fast forward to today.  GRB eats like it's his job.  And poor Sweet T can't eat anything without help.  So he's getting bigger by the day, and she has achieved the lean look she coveted all of her life.  The old GRB would be appalled to see himself today while the old Sweet T would be thrilled with her self control.  There is something to be said for having to be fed every bite.

So what's the lesson to be learned?  Life is short, eat dessert first?   Everything in moderation? Diets be damned?  Bon Appetit?