GRB Goes Rogue

J:  The unthinkable has happened:  GRB has turned to a life of crime.  Friday began as any other Friday, unremarkable and rather slow.  The Daisies enjoyed the last Senior Lunch of the season at St. Chris then returned home to rest.  Upon awakening, GRB headed out for his daily sojourn around the 'hood.  The caregiver waited for his return and began to grow alarmed when he was not back in the 7-9 minutes it usually takes him to cruise the street.  She went on the hunt.  

As luck would have it, it was a beautiful day and my husband was in our driveway contemplating the mound of mulch that had just been delivered.  The caregiver consulted with him, inquiring if he had seen which way GRB had gone.  He was not able to provide any guidance, so the caregiver decided to jump in her car to find him.  Just as she was crossing the street, who emerged from the neighbor's house, but GRB himself.  At the same time, a loud alarm began sounding.  The caregiver quickly realized that GRB had set the neighbor's alarm off.  GRB seemed nonplussed by all of the activity and tried to escape the scene of the crime post haste.  Rocky River's finest would have none of that.  They were on the scene in a New York minute and began demanding information about the intruder.  GRB, pleading the Fifth,  would provide none.  

The homeowner, summoned by the police, arrived in short order and assured the police that he did not wish to press charges.  He and GRB shook hands and the caregiver escorted the felon back to his house.

So we are left to wonder: what drove him to the B&E?  Was he hungry and looking for a snack, thirsty and hankering for a Dort? Or perhaps he was looking to drop some St Ignatius gear into the house of an avid St. Ed's fan?  The world may never know . . .