Things That Go Bump in the Night

J:  It's been a rough week for GRB.   A week ago he took a spill while working out with his trainer and needed some stitches to close the wound.  He was a pretty good sport about all of it, and luckily the ER was slow that day so we were in and out rather quickly.  

Then Tuesday night somehow he got out of the house after dark (with or without the caregiver at his side- the details here are a little murky) and managed to fall on his face.  Now he has a HUGE raspberry on his forehead and cheek.  

Then yesterday E determined that last week's wound was infected and we needed to take him back to the ER for additional antibiotics.  Apparently everyone who lives in Westlake needed to go the ER yesterday, so the antibiotic run took six hours!  UGH.  Again, GRB was pretty calm about the delay.  We brought him a burger from a local joint and he was happy to nosh on that while waiting, though he did ask every passing nurse for a beer.  

Two rounds of IV antibiotics and he was ushered (carefully) out the door.  

Another crisis managed.  As I looked at him in the hospital bed, though, with his banged up face, his red, swollen leg and his confused countenance, I couldn't help but wish (for the millionth time) that I could just get a little peak at God's play book so I could understand why this poor guy has to endure so much.