Final Farewell

E- We said goodbye to another wonderful friend of G's this week. He was an Iggy grad,  groomsman in our parent's wedding, and a faithful friend to both of our parents over the years. I informed our Dad of Dick's passing and I was shocked at his response. He was visibly and verbally upset. We set up wedding pictures and more recent pictures which included Dick. G was so sad while digesting the news and pointing out Dick in the pictures. 

This not only brought tears to my eyes but some anxiety regarding T and G's race to the finish. In the past I did not really feel that G would notice if Sweet T disappeared, but now I have a new opinion and an addendum to my daily prayer for my parents. 

Dick joined several other Iggy grads from the class of '57 so we know there is a party going on up there in Heaven! The many tales told following the funeral by so many friends (many high school antics included G) makes me think Dick may petition to invite G up next. As a successful defense attorney and a man of so so many words, Dick may have the ability to sway Him to bump up G on 'the list'. 

Until then...we will press on with our Parkway Project!