Oh When the Saints Go Marching In

J:  I'm a novice piano player and I was playing today and stumbled across this song.  As I played it and thought of the words I couldn't help but think about the caregivers that faithfully take care of Sweet T and GRB everyday.  E and I joke that we will never see them in heaven, as they will be up in the stratosphere, miles above where we'll be (assuming we make it).  But honestly, I am constantly amazed by the wonderful women who show up day after day with such positive attitudes and so much compassion.  They truly are living saints.  

Taking care of dementia patients is thankless.  The caregivers give and give and give and never receive any recompense from their charges.  I could not do what they do.  I am so very grateful to know all of these ladies.

You are all earning your spots in heaven.  If you stop by someday, I'll play you the song . . .