He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

J:  . . . and his whole wardrobe on his back.  

There's a lot of crazy that's been sprinkled around the Parkway these days.  It started with Sweet T and her refusal to walk over the weekend.  She just simply couldn't move her legs.  E speculated that it could be advancing arthritis in her hips that is making it painful to move, so she was choosing not to.  A dose or two of Motrin seemed to help, but what really got her moving again was singing.  And the song of choice?  "He's Got the Whole World in HIs Hands".  And since the song can be sung over and over, adding a different name each time it's sung, we have been singing it a lot.  It sort of gets stuck in your head.  And she's back on the road.

On to GRB's crazy.  E wandered in to their room last night, hours after he went to bed, only to find him in his closet donning as much clothing as he could.  When she arrived he was wearing, from the bottom up, his shoes, his underwear, his shirt, Sweet T's shirt, Sweet T's raincoat and his winter coat.  No explanation was offered for the wardrobe choices, and E patiently helped him disrobe and get back to bed.

On a sad note, one of GRB's best friends passed away over the weekend.  Smoke, as my dad referred to him, was a faithful friend who often stopped to visit or took GRB out to coffee.  Smoke was a good man and lived the Gospel.  We are grateful for his help and his friendship.  Safe home, Smoke.