Alphabet Soup

J: GRB has been a frequent visitor to my house lately now that the weather is nicer and he is roaming the 'hood on a regular basis.  He always knocks before he walks in and offers a hearty "Hullo" as he opens the door.  From there, though, things go quickly down hill.  

He addresses me with his hands spread wide and his head cocked to the side, a wry expression on his face.  It sure looks like he has quite a story to tell.  But as soon as he starts to tell his tale, the words get stuck.  He might get the first few words out before the consonants start to roll together and odd sounding syllables get strung together in a pressured fashion.  The result can only be likened to the Campbell's Soup commercial for alphabet soup - the part before the letters in the soup spell a word.  I think he realizes that he isn't communicating effectively, because the syllables start to come more slowly and he eventually drops his hands on the island in defeat.  It's so hard to watch.  Luckily he's pretty easily pacified with an encouraging word about his tale and the offer of a beer.

I'm lucky that he's still mobile enough to make his daily visits.  But as for this disease, I'll take a line from the Oscar Mayer commercial: It's B-O-L-O-G-N-A