Expose the Toes

E- My recent head to toe assessment of Sweet T revealed some crazy long toenails! Not only were they overgrown but also growing in a strange direction, leaning toward the great toe (big toe). It didn't;t register at first that the cause was the shuffling gait pushing her toes into the top of her shoes. It took a 1.5 hour long painful pedicure for me to realize what had occurred!! Sweet T's toenails were all making constant contact with her shoes, thus reforming the growth of the nail. Moreover (and gross to discuss) was the horrible ingrown toenail!! Ingrown toenails (if overlooked) will become a surgical repair and are REALLY painful!

Sweet T has lost most pain receptors....until the pedicure. It was awful...I just kept apologizing and promising I would not let the toenail situation occur again. (BTW she had just been there 6 weeks earlier, so remain mindful of overall foot health) ... Monitor for new/unusual areas of redness or purple areas on the foot. Check for any open skin, especially if your loved one has diabetes. Sores on the foot can lead to infection and possible amputation if not properly managed. Individuals with diabetes should absolutely see a podiatrist regularly (every 6 weeks) for management. These visits are covered by Medicare with a diagnosis of diabetes. 

Take care of you loved one's tootsies...they are not able to so we must do it for them! Add it to the list!