Tripped up but in good hands

E- Our Dad intermittently becomes fixated on the second floor of our house. This is usually after opening and closing the front door 36 times then he will notice or hear something upstairs. He will begin with a chorus of "hullo"..."hullo"... and if he does not hear a reply he will start up the stairs. His heavy feet and slow gait allow someone the opportunity to turn things around for him and/or with him arm in arm if necessary. Steps are not part of his daily routine so we usually assist a bit especially on the way down a flight of steps. 

Yesterday he was solo in the foyer while the caregiver was managing the mulch delivery in driveway. G climbed half of the flight of stairs then stumbled and fell back down. My son (R)/nursing student heard the commotion and ran to the steps to find G still standing but holding the back of his head. My eager nursing student quickly evaluated the scene and called me with a calm, detailed report. It appeared that G hit his head against the front doors which prevented him from landing on the floor. I reviewed his meds with R and asked what was pertinent to consider with aspirin use and head injuries and he answered correctly.  Aspirin is a blood thinner and when a head injury occurs while taking any blood thinner (Coumadin, lovenox etc) it can cause a brain bleed. We then reviewed neurologic changes to observe for and any complaints of headache or increased sleepiness. 

I updated J too and she checked him out and replied to me that all was well....Dad was drinking Dort and watching golf. We dodged another bullet so it seems...Cheers!!