Beer Crawl

E- That's right...not a bear crawl but a beer crawl. G has taken to the streets with open bevies with the warm temps. Sometimes he is still dressed in his warmest winter coat while strolling with a cold one. His winter gloves have finally been hidden away to avoid the gloved hand beer drinking which was commonly seen earlier this year. And a 'crawl' is about the exact pace he's moving with new aches and pains daily! His back and knee are 'giving him hell'....but he continues with his trainer 2 days per week along with Sweet T. 

Lunch dates on the Pkwy are a perfect way to visit. Our patio is set up for summer time dining and we have plenty of lunch fixings and beer! So stop by and check out the new landscaping and T&G!! This Fri 4/28 is the St Chris Social Club luncheon. We will meet at 11:30ish in Mary's Room for lunch and laughs. All are welcome!