Sweet T's Law of Motion

J:  Newton's Law of Motion states that objects at rest tend to stay at rest while objects in motion tend to stay in motion.  Sweet T's law tweaks this just a bit: things at rest want to stay at rest and get EXTREMELY aggravated if put in motion.  She just doesn't want to move anymore.  We have tried all sots of tactics to encourage her to move, but so far nothing seems to be working.  When we announce that it's time to go somewhere she shakes her head just a bit, and, with that cute little smile on her face, politely declines to go.  

So then we start the process of heaving her out of the chair.  She immediately begins to claim that she is "being ripped" (from limb to limb, one has to assume based on her level of complaining).  It doesn't get any better once she's out of the chair.  She attempts to arrest forward motion by pulling back as hard as she can.  At this point she looks like a water skier: arms locked, knees bent, all of her weight in her butt.  The Geauga Lake Ski Team could have used her talents.  Even when we try to turn the walk into a dance by humming her favorite tunes, she doesn't comply. Her movement is glacially slow.  And when we finally reach the destination and she is again firmly ensconced in her seat, she gives it a loud "Phew!" as if she's just broken the record in the mile run.  

The upside of all of this immobility is that she really has perfected that Mannequin Challenge that E wrote about the other day . . .