City Surveyor

E- Our Dad is on the loose. Not only am I tossing up a flare to alert our friends and neighbors of his nonstop wandering, but also to let you all know he's frequenting back yards and side yards too. Yes, the GPS is working well so we are able to complete the rescue now that Sweet T has the wheelchair to allow all to give chase. Once discovered between two houses attempting entry through a garage service door, he is immediately taken with the fact that T is in a wheelchair. He quickly darts toward her to ask what has happened to cause her to be ..."like this",  which is about the amount he can verbalize with the shortness of breath caused by miles of off roading through yards. Each caregiver is quick to take advantage of the distraction and suggest a short walk back home to get a beer, regardless of the hour. Periodically G's congestive heart failure trips up this process and he is so winded and confused that we need to call in back up. A quick call to my boys and a car arrives in minutes to pick him up and return him safely to the Parkway Manor. 

Happy Spring! And watch for G in your garage!