Easter Joy

J:  It was a sun-soaked Easter on the Parkway yesterday.  The cast of characters was wide and deep.  We had a new born baby, a delightful 83 year old client turned friend, an assortment of mildly hungover young men, a smattering of lovely young ladies, a darling six year old girl and of course the Daisies .  We kicked off the day with a rousing egg hunt complete with two $50 eggs.  There were some elbows thrown and some accusations of cheating all around as everyone vied for the money eggs.  At the end of the hunt everyone was happily counting their money, scratching their lottery tickets and waiting to eat.  And eat we did.  All sorts of wonderful food prepared by many and enjoyed by all.  After dinner the newborn was laid on the table like the best possible dessert and we all enjoyed watching him sleep.  

The boys took turns racing Sweet T's wheel chair around the yard, testing out its aerodynamic features. GRB tore through the Easter baskets looking for the gooiest eggs.  Nashville Bill played and sang for us, preparing for his first open mic night this week.  People came and went, the sun continued to shine, everyone got hungry and ate again.  The Indians lost. It didn't matter.  It was a gloriously messy fun day.  Hallelujah!