Maintain your role to keep the show rolling

E- My high school friend is in town for her Mom's funeral this wkend. She's taken time off from her FT job and has traveled many hours by car with her husband and three young kids to bury her 72 year old Mother. My girlfriend is the youngest of 3 kids and shoulders the majority of the responsibility for the family when it comes to ....everything. She has a huge role from afar and now it's all right in front of her and she has limited support besides her husband. Unfortunately her Dad is also in the hospital and will not be able to attend the funeral. This stress is also weighing on her and her sisters.

I've been keeping in touch with her daily to offer assistance wherever she needs it and if nothing else to be available to listen.  This morning she was working to meet deadlines for her job along with planning and completing funeral arrangements and contacting Dr's regarding her Dad's failing condition in the hospital.

Soon she will pack up the car and drive away again to return to her regularly scheduled life up north. I am not sure how she will do it, but she will because that's what we all do. We get up each day, assess the situation and press on until the end of the day. Evening reflection generally allows us to pat ourselves on the back and take a deep breath knowing that we completed another day as the Captain of the family.

This wkend will be a family filled time for our gang and I hope it brings lots of laughs and great memories. I truly treasure these times and I hope T and G remain stable for one more holiday! Let's Roll!!