Sweet T's Curtain Call

J: We thought we lost her on Sunday night.  We were all having dinner at my house - E, her boys, my husband, my son along with Sweet T and GRB.  We were eating at the island, watching TV to see if Sergio could hang on and win the Masters.  I was helping Sweet T eat her dinner, but I was focused on the golf.  All of the sudden E shrieked- "J- mom's having a seizure"  I turned to see her arched back in her chair, her hands limp and her eyes empty.  E quickly established that there was no pulse.  One of the boys dialed 911 as I rubbed her legs and encouraged her to come back to us.  Her eyes were half open but they were seeing nothing.  I've never seen someone die, but I thought I was seeing it then.  It seemed like she was gone for a long time, but it was probably only a minute or so.  By the time the EMS arrived she was alert and breathing again.  

E thought she had a stroke; her extremely low blood pressure seemed to confirm that, yet there were no other signs of a stroke.  Maybe a seizure, EMS thought, or perhaps she was dehydrated. Because she is a comfort care/DNR we did not choose to transport her to the hospital.  Instead we took her home, cleaned her up and put her to bed.  It was a nice night, and the windows were open a bit.  As I kissed her good night I told her that the windows were open to allow the Holy Spirit in, and if the Holy Spirit appeared it was ok for her to travel to the Lord with him (or her). I told her I loved her and, with tears in my eyes, I said good bye.  I really didn't think I'd see her alive again.

But yesterday morning she awoke with a smile on her dear, sweet face.  Of course she had no recollection of the previous night's events.  Her blood pressure was still low, but she didn't seem any worse for the wear.  We all spent a little extra time loving and hugging on Sweet T yesterday. Not everyone gets a curtain call.  

And as an aside, and equally troubling, GRB did not bat an eye over all of the Sunday night commotion. Though he was seated right next to her, he was completely unaware of  and unconcerned about all that was going on with his bride of 55 years.