A Picture's Worth 1000 Words

J:  Smart phones are great for so many reasons.  There is one problem though:  they have replaced cameras for just about everyone.  They take better pictures, have higher resolution etc etc.  And when you take a dud picture, you can quickly delete it before anyone else sees it. But the good pictures - the keepers - never leave the camera.  They are fun to scroll through while you are passing time waiting for someone, and they are easy to share with other people via Facebook or text, but the actual, physical pictures rarely appear anymore.  This is too bad

The other day I was sitting with Sweet T going through photo albums. She was great about getting pictures printed - back when you had to take the roll of film in to the drug store - and then putting them in albums.  She even went so far as to label each picture with the event and the date.  And because she was frugal and didn't like to waste anything, she even put the duds in the album. So going through the albums is a real trip down memory lane.  We looked at fantastic pictures from family vacations, and we looked at photos where everyone's heads had been cut off.  It didn't matter.  She loved looking at the pictures.  Each time we turned the page, her face would light up - like a memory was trying to make its way to the top of her mind.  She would point at the picture and smile.  When asked who was in the picture, she couldn't tell me, but she kept smiling anyway.  I would fill her in on who was in the picture, and what the event was.  That didn't really seem to register, but she kept smiling.  Sometimes when I tried to turn the page she resisted, as if she wanted to linger on a particular photo for a little longer.  We could have looked at that album all day.  And those 1000 words would never have been spoken, because the pictures said it all.