Shoe Showdown

E- Our Dad only wears one pair of shoes. A less than attractive brown shade Keen slip on with the elastic pull laces to tighten and release. Each day begins with many adjustments to get that perfect tension for his busy day of Amber Alerts and chaperoned walks in the hood. The shoes are a focus...all day. Well I am about to use the shoes for security this week. The new GPS is going to adhere (in a creative fashion) to his shoe because they are the only wardrobe items that do not see the wash. So somehow I will velcro, pin or tape this gadget 'step counter' as we will call it, to his shoe. 

Most nights the shoes remain the center of controversy because he puts them on each time he wakes up during the night. So I will need an extremely secure application to maintain the GPS on the shoe (I am sure that will be tonight's 3 am plotting while I am awake) . So after he completes  his multiple trips to the 1/2 bath near the kitchen (bypassing the beautiful full bath in his bedroom) the arguing begins regarding removing the shoes before climbing back into bed. Last night I began with the 'American ' theme we previously used for our anti recliner sleeping campaign which seemed to fall on deaf/drugged ears. I also tried yanking the shoes off myself with my own frustrated strength but he was using his too and I gave in.

So, once that tracking device is in place we can watch his every footsie move with Sweet T while they're in bed together. Not even sure of the rating on this post....I better end it...

Stay tuned for the arrival of the shoe tracker!!