Mannequin Challenge

E- The parkway has a new record to break when it comes to staying still. We've mentioned in previous posts that time seems to stand still around here, but now Sweet T does too! Lately wherever you leave her (standing. sitting, laying down) you can put money on the fact that you will find her in that same pose upon your return. She just gets stuck!! She doesn't seem to mind (per her usual happy disposition) that she's gone nowhere for up to 30 minutes! Once it's brought to her attention she may chuckle or if she's feeling spunky she'll reply "so what!" 

Recently we've had a newborn baby boy visit our home. Both of our parents were so cute interacting with him. Our Dad sang to him and commented on every tiny muscle group in his little body. He announced what a strong young man he was and he will probably play football. Our Mom was in FULL motion. She jumped up (on her own) each time he cried and she too held him like such a natural Grandma. J and I were far more nervous than the relaxed Mom regarding any slip ups with our parent's huge responsibility in their arms.

They did a great job and the day (for once) seemed to fly by! Sweet T still tunes into the business of caring for a newborn and hung up her mannequin challenge talents for the day. And oddly enough they recall the visits with the baby! Needless to say we are all looking forward to seeing TJ again on Sunday!