A Living Wake

J:  This morning was the Alzheimer's Associations Reason To Hope breakfast that E and I co-hosted.  The turnout was amazing.  As I stood watching people stream in on this frigid March morning I was so moved by the support I felt.  Friends, neighbors, relatives - so many people showed up.  E and I told our story of life with omnipresent AD and another couple told of their journey with the disease.  The program was brief, but I feel secure in saying that nobody left without feeling the impact the disease makes on a family.  

As people were leaving, many stopped to say that they think of our parents often or that we are in their prayers.  I can't help but feel like our parents are living their own wake on a daily basis.  We showed a few pictures at the event, and everyone said how good they both look.  People tell us how much they miss them, and how they are praying for us as we deal with our loss.  And, just like at a wake, we take comfort in these kind words.  We don't have our parents anymore.  And we do need support.  

And since today's theme was A Reason to Hope, my hope is that enough money was raised for research that soon, very soon, no one else will be alive to witness their own wake.

A sincere thank you to everyone who attended today.  We truly appreciate your support.