Going Make-Up Free

J:  I was at Sephora the other day replenishing some much needed lip color and I found myself looking around in amazement at the tremendous variety of makeup that is available.  Dozens of labels, and each label with their own line of products, everything from perfume to hair products to lip liner - if it's not at Sephora, it's not for sale.  And I started thinking about the importance that makeup plays in my life - how naked I feel without it - how I've dodged people at the grocery when I'm running in after a workout and don't want to see anyone -  and how much more secure I feel when I feel that my makeup looks good.  

The next day I was reading something about AD and how it strips us bare of all of our  masks. AD takes away the ability to hide behind social norms that keeps people from doing things that are considered unacceptable, like drinking Dortmunder at 10:00, for example.  It's like AD forces its victims to face each day without makeup.  And they are fine with it.  There is no dodging anyone.  They are who they are, 24/7.  When did makeup become so necessary?  Maybe we can all learn something from the AD community - that we are fine the way we are, 24/7.

Sorry Sephora.