Beyond Comprehension

J:  I'm a person who likes to figure things out.  I don't like it when something doesn't make sense; it sticks in the back of my mind until I can find some resolution.  But here's one that makes no sense:  WHY do young, vibrant people who are in the prime of their life die when there are legions of people with wasting diseases waiting to die?  I know that my Catholic faith tells me that we must support life from conception to natural death.  I agree with that.  But WHY does natural death come way too early for some, and seem to take forever for others?  

A friend of mine died this weekend.  A beautiful woman with a beautiful family.  Her kids are young adults, just getting started. She had so much life ahead of her - weddings, grandchildren, the golden years with her husband. All of it is gone.  A five year old girl in our city died this month.  A freaky virus attacked her brain and she went from perfectly healthy to dead in a matter of days.  Her family is bereft.  Their precious daughter is gone.

My parents are alive and healthy.  They are well taken care of and deeply loved.  They are surrounded by their family. Though they are not aware of this, they are the "lucky" Alzheimer's patients.  There are so many "unlucky" patients who sit alone in nursing homes, with no one visiting them and no interaction at all. Their lives are devoid of meaning - they have no ability to think and no one apparently is thinking about them.  So how does this equation work?  Vibrant, necessary people meet natural death years before they should, and vacant, lonely Alzheimer's patients sit in nursing homes alone waiting for their number to be up.  

It just doesn't make sense.