Sweet T's Last Lap

E- This past weekend in Cle temps were fantastic withtons of sunshine. G was on the loose around the Parkway most of the day Sat and Sun. He supervised as we washed the cars and he tended bar for those who were thirsty!

At one point Sweet T emerged from my house and G was stepping across the street with his frozen mug of suds. Together J, G, T and the caregiver decided to take a walk around the block. Sweet T has not completed a full quarter mile in MONTHS...but it seemed an acceptable challenge on this perfect Sat afternoon. Well....not so much.

J claims that at about the half way point of their stroll Sweet T started leaning forward and couldn't regain her balance. J and the extremely pregnant caregiver had to use all of their strength to keep her standing and walking. Thankfully both gals were present because G pressed on with his open container, spilling it all the way around the block!!

OK...so one more thing to cross off the list of approved activities for our Sweet T!!! We are lucky that she is happy just sitting around inside my house with all of us!!