'Take Your Dad to Work' Day

E- Lately our Dad has been pretty bored. His interests (as previously mentioned) include eating and drinking beer. He continues to walk around the hood and was recently rescued by a neighbor who found him standing at the top of the valley hill. The neighbor knew who he was so she called him by name and most likely prevented a bad situation from occurring.

Our solution....let's just take him with us as we are able to, that way we will know where he is and what he's doing. Keeping in mind the Dort addiction, J has brought him to real estate open houses or showings with a roadie in hand. J is always able to give the wink-wink to her clients or other realtors to let them know of her 'special assistant' who is accompanying her and she generally apologizes for not having drinks to offer to everyone. This is another opportunity to use our biz cards 'please excuse us, the individual I am with has Alz'.

My line of work embraces the elderly and I have recently interviewed a new caregiver with my Dad in tow. I was briefing G on our way into West Park regarding the gal's qualifications and such and G was listening and nodding in agreement. As we bellied up to the bar with the eager nurse she immediately identified my Dad's deficits and was especially kind to him. And as luck would have it, her Dad grew up with G so he was able to recall some tales from growing up with her Dad.

I am positive that as much as we feel we are reacting to G's changing condition and strategically planning, we are actually being guided by God. How else could the compassionate clients and complete strangers with ties to childhood friends fall into our laps each and every day. It's not luck, it's all part of His plan and we are simply carrying it out in the creative way it has been mapped for us.