Shoeless on the Parkway

E- We have continued our efforts to keep G inside with the shoe free 'invisible fence' concept. The temps have dropped here and there has been snow on the ground rather regularly. These climate changes keep him indoors until we are able to let him loose in the community. He has many new freedoms as a single man and the caregivers are assisting him with leaving our home quite regularly now. 

This morning I was working in my home office and I overheard the discussion in the kitchen between a caregiver and G. It went something like this... "G..are those your shoes".. G replied "YYEESSS!!" (in a near scream, knowing now he would be free to roam outdoors if wearing shoes). The caregiver said, "I did not know you owned Doc Marten boots" which G replied " I AM A DOCTOR!!!!"

So there you have it..He's single, he's a doctor and he's on the move!! 

I quickly informed my son that he best store his shoes upstairs unless he wants to permanently lose them to the doctor.