Notre Dame, Our Mother

J:  It was 35 years ago today that I received my acceptance letter to be a part of the 1988 class of the University of Notre Dame.  I will never forget seeing my mom walking up the street waving an envelope over her head.  It was the coveted "fat envelope" that meant that I was in.  We stood and hugged on the corner of E. Shoreland and Wooster and I'm sure people thought we had won the lottery because of the way we were celebrating. 

I was recounting this memory this morning as I held Sweet T's hand and looked into her beautiful eyes.  She was such a huge support for me and the number one cheerleader of my fan club.  She encouraged me to reach for the stars.  She knew I could do things that I wasn't sure I could do. 

And now she is so diminished.  Her eyes are cloudy and her gaze is blank.  Her body is breaking down and her heart is slowing down.  It is time for her to die.

Notre Dame, Our Mother, take her home to be with you.