They're here but they're gone

G:  The weekend is often the time I get to see my folks. I was pleased yesterday when I arrived that mom was awake in her chair, where she spends the majority of the day watching old black and white movies, covered in an afghan. I told her how pretty she looked and how nice her hair was and apologized once again for giving her so many grey hairs, which as I scratched her head usually elicits a smile.

I loaded dad into my car for a drive to the old neighborhood past Saint Pat's church and looping around to Kamm's corners for a stop at PJ Mcintyres to watch a little football. The man who knew the Kamm's Corner region was gone that day, the man who knew football was also gone that day. The man that knew my name and my family members names was gone that day. Alzheimer’s /dementia had robbed us of all of that. Alzheimer’s /dementia takes away the man/woman and leaves the shell. Such a tough way to lose a loved one. They are still here but they aren’t.