The Hope Lottery

J:  Finally!  We are winners!  We have hope!  Thanks to Bill Gates and his $50 Million donation to fight Alzheimer's disease I finally feel like we have a reason to think that a cure might not be that far off.  In establishing the Dementia Discovery Fund, Gates is putting some real weight behind the effort to find a cure.  This fund will be used to study alternative paths to a cure, not the amyloid and tau pathways that most of the researchers are following.  Hurray!!  It can't come fast enough.  Gates' experience with other diseases like HIV has taught him that a multi-faceted approach to overwhelming problems like incurable diseases is usually the best approach.  This type of approach is laborious and expensive.  It will take all of his 50 million and probably millions more.  But it's a huge and promising start.  I feel such a sense of hope.  A light just appeared at the end of the extremely dark ALZ tunnel.

Thank you, Bill Gates, for giving our family, and thousands like us, hope.