Sweet T and her recipes

K:   Sweet T loved to bake and the holiday's were her time to shine in the kitchen.  She would make the same cookies every year and put them in tin containers lined with wax paper and hide them in the closet so they would be "out of sight, out of mind".  It was always a thrill to be able to take out all the tins after dinner and dig in to our holiday favorites.  Each one of us had our favorite confectionary and we usually make them for our kids' every holiday now too.  Mom hand wrote a lot of the recipes on index cards and seeing her handwriting warms my heart and makes me miss her this holiday.  

Today I made the Cranberry Nut Bread which she loved and so did I!  It wasn't always a big hit with the others' but Sweet T and I always enjoyed it and consequently I make it every year as a happy memory of her.  I wish I could call her and tell her I made it today.  I wish I could send her a loaf and face time over the phone.   I wish she was still baking her favorite cookies this holiday.

I truly wish for a cure for Alzheimers.  

Enjoy your holiday traditions with your loved ones this year. And if you have a minute, jot down a recipe and send it to someone you love so they always have you  and your handwriting in their "favorites"!