Alzheimer's Disease: The Fountain of Youth?

J:  Today E and I had morning duty with the Daisies.  This involves helping both of them with all activities of daily living   Taking showers, getting dressed, brushing teeth, eating breakfast - they need help with it all.  it's pretty labor intensive and while we were about half way through getting Sweet T dressed I couldn't help but think that it reminded me a lot of when my boys were young and I'd be in a full sweat as I aided them through all of their ADL's .  As babies, the boys were clueless about the routines of the day.  As they got older though, they would be compliant as we worked through their daily ablutions but I could tell they were anxious;  they were ready to get the day started.  They had vague ideas about what would be coming next - a trip to the park, a ride in the car, a nice meal, a nap.   

I found myself wondering - what - if anything, are the Daisies anticipating for the day?  Their demeanor was calm, they weren't anxious at all about the day ahead.  Did they wonder if there was something planned for the day?  Were they looking forward to anything?  Or, like Brad Pitt in Benjamin Button, were they aging in reverse?  It sure seems that way. After breakfast (that we now have to feed Sweet T using a baby spoon)  she did not make a lunge for the door the way the boys used to.  GRB sat patiently at the island.  He didn't make a break for the Parkway.  Not discontented at all.  Returning to the baby stage.  Heartbreaking.