Saints Amongst Us

J:  I might have written about this before, but I can't remember (haha - bad ALZ humor!)  Anyhow, today is All Saints Day in the Catholic Church.  Here on the parkway, everyday is All Saints Day.  And the saints of which I speak are the wonderful women who file in and out of my sister's house as the caretakers of our parents.  There are no words to convey how grateful we are for their constant, kind, patient presence.  The job is not easy.  The word "boredom" was invented for the caregivers of ALZ patients.  Time really does seem to stand still.  But these amazing women do not complain. As my son said in a recent post, God directs the most challenging battles to his toughest soldiers.  These ladies are battle-tested.  Whether it be a wandering GRB who refuses to stay indoors or a recalcitrant Sweet T who won't open her mouth to eat, they handle it all with the aplomb of seasoned vets.  

They say that Alzheimer's is a disease of the caregiver. As the patient gets worse, the disease takes more and more of a toll on the caregiver Our parents are not aware of the challenges they pose, but we, the caregivers, certainly are.  So as we celebrate All Saints Day, I would like to offer a sincere, heartfelt Thank You to those that make the Parkway Project possible!