Libra Fest!!

E- It's Bday month at our house! Sweet T and G both turn 78 this month! Saturday we will celebrate with T and shower her with gifts and kisses...then repeat it all again 10/16 for G. Let's not forget that 10/16 is also our 2 year anniversary of our blended Bohemian, German, Italian, Croatian and Irish family! Somehow it has flown by, bad days included. 

Bad days are peppered amongst our good days. We have had some stand offs in the bathroom in terms of clothing v less clothing, some neighborhood break ins and most recently some car invasions. Yesterday G had his pockets full of stuff...after a thorough fleecing it was determined that the cigar, cigar cutter, multiple business cards and pens had all been lifted from my husband's car in the garage. 

We hope this doesn't discourage you from stopping by for a Bday visit...just lock your car and leave your purses and valuables behind. Retirement has left G bored and clearly penniless! 

Cheers and GO TRIBE!!!