Halloween ALZ Style - It's a Real Treat!

J:  E informed me that yesterday GRB ate 14 pieces of her Halloween candy.  My inner 10 year old started to panic- what if they ran out of candy??  

I was immediately transported back to Halloween circa 1976.  Sweet T was not nearly as sweet back then.  She ran our house like a military camp and became especially militant when this holiday rolled around.  Halloween was filled with such angst because so many things could go wrong.  First of all, she would insist that we eat dinner before heading out.  And not just a quick easy meal. She'd make a pot roast or something equally slow cooking and hard to chew.  You just couldn't shovel it in.  Inevitably GRB would be late arriving home from work so dinner would be delayed even more.  Then he'd have to change into his "walking through the neighborhood" clothes, which was a painstakingly slow process. 

All the while, precious Trick or Treat time was ticking away.  Without fail, the doorbell would begin ringing while we were still seated at the table and it would be some lucky scamp like Julie Smith who was allowed to eat a can of Dinty Moore stew (out of the can) and head out five minutes before the opening bell.  All of the biggest and best bars were going to her!  

When we finally got outside it felt like we were moving in slow motion - nobody could move fast enough to collect all of the loot that was there for the taking.  The bag would get heavy (and clearly nothing could be eaten until it had been "checked")  But we soldiered on until the closing bell.  Returning home, we would spread out our riches and begin the elaborate process of trading with each other.  Finally, Sergeant Sweet T would announce it was bedtime.  

Then the unthinkable - Sarge would tap in to the bags while we were asleep, taking large portions of each for the poor kids.  Apparently they were immune to the rotting teeth that were on the horizon for us should we consume too much. The horror.

Fast forward to last night - GRB and 14 pieces?  In one day?  His teeth are shot for sure.  And he might go blind as well (or was that from sitting too close to the TV).  Either way, the carrot diet starts tomorrow . . .