Mission Accomplished

E- Last Thursday we took flight to Brighton, MI to attend the wake of G's best man. I was unaware that G was also Tom's best man too so it was doubly important for us to be present. And present we were. That is about G's capacity these days, but he looked good in his khakis and new Keens. 

Our funeral home visit was 30 minutes during which G attempted to shake Tom's hand in the coffin which I had to put a stop to immediately. He did appropriately hug Tom's wife and call her by name which impressed me for sure. He then turned his attention to  large candy jar and filled his pockets. 

The flight home proved to have a few cognitive bumps which presented in the form of anxiety for about 20 minutes. I was wishing I had packed some Dortmunder heat because he had eaten all of his candy and needed a chaser. His many attempts to stand were halted by the ceiling of the plane and his seatbelt. I held his hand and continuously gave him the "thumbs up" sign because talking was not as option over the engine noise. 

Our smooth landing was followed by a delightful drive home. G commented multiple times on our beautiful city and the beautiful setting sun that was closing out our final flight together. G's last time in the friendly skies was quite purposeful. I am glad we did it together and I can close his travel chapter most definitely. 

His next visit to the skies will be a one way trip to heaven. Amen.