Our Personalized Invisible Fence

E-   G continues to be on the watch list as a flight risk from The Parkway. The issue has not been completely resolved with the extra 18 hours of play date help for G Mon-Sat. The creative caregivers will walk, dine and shop with him but we still find ourselves chasing him down the street rather regularly. His afternoon naps seem to be a thing of the past, so 1p-dinner time are his "Alcatraz hours". 

Well, this village is a smart one. We put our heads together and realized that G will not step out of the house without shoes on. So....for one reason or another we get his shoes off of him and promptly hide them. Excuses such as dog poop on the shoes, gum on the shoes, let me wash some grass off of your shoes, etc etc....anything to get the shoes off and tucked away! Although watching him walk in socks is nearly painful because he (and the rest of our family) NEVER had  shoes off in our home growing up...so he makes an awkward face while nearly hobbling around looking for the shoes. Similar to searching for the Easter baskets on Sunday morning, we quickly redirect him with his drink of choice to sip on in his recliner while watching an old black and white movie. Genius!!!!

This is not anything like the detailed studies I reviewed in grad school or anything that's ever been (or going to be) published. But that's ok...because IT WORKS!!! It's a result of raising tons of kids and managing households! All of T and G's caregivers are such dedicated guys and gals! We are so fortunate to have each of them and their continued bright ideas!!